Give a shit about workers’ rights.

Years ago, an unnamed poet penned these words of solidarity with the workers of the world:

Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That’s why I shit
on company time

A universal sentiment for the ages, no doubt. But before you laugh, consider that the state of the modern worker is actually much worse.

“Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime?” Even in the 1950s, when CEO pay was 20 times that of the average worker, most employees could only expect a nickel for each of the executives’ dollars. Today, that ratio is 265:1. Boss makes a dollar, I make four-tenths of a penny.

In this environment of executive grift, workers can’t even take our right to void our bladder or bowels for granted. Amazon warehouse workers have to skip bathroom breaks in order to maintain their fulfillment numbers and keep their jobs. As Working America describes, the right to shit is restricted for all kinds of workers:

Security guards, warehouse, assembly-line, and call center workers and many others face severe limits on bathroom access: locked doors, long lines during approved breaks, and outright denial, like in the case of one poultry processing plant in Kentucky where workers were told to “carry a cup with you” to the work line.

DSC_0136 - Version 2

If you’re interested in buying some of my shitty poetry magnets to spread the word in shitty restrooms about shitty working conditions everywhere, click here. 100% of the proceeds go to Jobs With Justice, an organization dedicated to building power within our communities in the fight for workers’ rights and an economy that benefits everyone. (Note: neither I nor my shitty magnets are affiliated with Jobs With Justice in any capacity.)

If you’re interested in joining the fight for workers’ rights in the US, consider signing up with an organization such as the Democratic Socialists of America, Industrial Workers of the World, People’s Action, or Jobs With Justice. Join the struggle. Give a shit.